16 March 2021

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“I would like to thank the whole team at MANNTA for the great course they have provided. I loved our trainers Amanda and Iman who are really friendly and kind, It was a brilliant learning experience. I highly recommend this course for people who want to develop a new career as a maternity nurse!”

Elena Isaila 


“I would not hesitate to recommend the MANNTA course even those who did not want to be maternity nurses but were expectant mothers and their partners. personally I thought looking after babies was all about making sure they have been well fed, bathed and slept well but OH I was so wrong! Amanda and Iman gave us 100% of their time, the pace was good and each one of us got a chance to ask questions in areas we were unsure. They also provided us with supportive documents and links to further our studies . I learnt a huge amount and now feel confident being a maternity nurse . I particularly enjoyed the course much more than I had anticipated as it was thoroughly relevant, informative and engaging.”

Lydia Kanyunyuzi 


“I really enjoyed the MANNTA course. I can tell that Iman and Amanda are really passionate about their work. They had so much patience to make sure every student has a good understanding of the information and answered all our questions. And at the end of the course they offered their support and gave us the permission to contact them anytime if as new practitioners we face some challenges. These are some of many reasons I would recommend the course whole heartedly”

Daniela Isaila 


“Even though I had qualifications as a Non-Medical Maternity Nurse, I knew there was a need for me to do my sleep training. I do not regret doing it with MANNTA, The training was well organised and I had the best time, the teachers were so helpful making sure that each one of us understood the basics of the course. Special thanks to Iman and her team, now I am doing my course work and just can’t wait to help mothers sleep train their babies and children”

Farida Walden


“I chose to do the MANNTA course after nannying for many years. The course was very well run by Iman and Marlena who had both maternity nursed for many years. They both ran the course extremely well, with lots of good tips and advice. Thanks to them and silent night nannies I am now having a lovely time maternity nursing and night nannying.”

Teresa Ridgewell


“Excellent course, nicely organised and very well presented. I was provided with vital information and knowledge from experienced and dedicated professionals. Very inspiring. Thank you.”

Beata Idziak 


“I had a great time at the MANNTA course. I would also strongly recommend it for every new mum as well as childcare professionals as I learnt so much that would have been very helpful before having my own children! While getting through the power point pages we got great advice and tips of how to deal with different aspects of caring for a newborn. Iman’s and Marlena’s experience added an extra bonus to the course material.”

Imola Haromszeki 


“I’m a newly qualified maternity nurse that has recently transitioned from an 8 year nanny career. I have taken both the MANNTA Sleep Training and Maternity Nurse Practitioner courses and have found them extremely helpful to help equip me with both the skills and confidence I need to practice as a Maternity nurse. The courses are very well structured. I was really impressed with the amount of time given to practical application of what was taught during the time. It’s one thing to get told you should swaddle the baby and another to get shown various ways you can do it! I found the teachers to be thorough on every detail as well as very helpful and passionate about what they do. It’s contagious! I now go in confidence with all the knowledge I have got from MANNTA courses to be the best Maternity nurse I can be. I would highly recommend taking these courses if you are considering a career path in taking care of small babies.”

Emilia Birungi


“I just want to thank you for organizing such a knowledge elevating training. The setting where we did the training was excellent and they provided us with tea, coffee, water and snacks throughout the whole day as well as a delicious lunch in a restaurant on both days. The teachers, Iman and Amanda are very professional, very knowledgeable and experienced. We had theory, practical and working as a group teaching. They were able to answer all our questions and gave us examples from their experience. I was very inspired and it was an eye opener to me because it was my first time to attend Maternity Nurse training. I have learnt a lot that will help me to be effective when working with mothers babies and their entire family. I have recommended two of my friends to join this course.”

Virginia Price


“I’m so pleased I chose MANNTA to do my maternity nurse training with, the tutor was exceedingly knowledgeable and experienced so gave us hands on knowledge through her own experiences and examples of how one approach doesn’t fit all families or babies. I feel confident and prepared for anything after being taught by Iman! A wonderful lady who is on hand with advice for the situations that may baffle you every step of the way!”

Claire Mcavoy


“I found the MANNTA course really helpful and have learned so many things about babies and how to deal with them. Iman is a great teacher, she told us lots of good tips and tricks and made us all feel very confident about this kind of job. Very pleased with the course.”

Madalina Moldovanu


“The sleep training course was very enjoyable as it was a small group of 6 people taking part. The trainer is an amazing and very knowledgeable sleep trainer with a background in child psychology. She provided us with course material and a lunch in a nice cafe near by. All in one I can say that she and her assistant both did an excellent job and would recommend the course to anyone who is interested in starting a career in new born care.”

Ingrid Roznovakova


“Caroline was absolutely fantastic with how she organised and delivered the course. She was friendly and approachable and clearly very knowledgable. She kept everyone engaged and I learnt a lot from the content she provided. 100% worth the time and money – friendly staff and fantastic content”