Paediatric First Aid Courses at their best..

MANNTA Training Paediatric First Course.

This blended course offers an alternative to the 2 days in the classroom for childminders and carers who need to complete a Paediatric First Aid Course to comply with the requirements of Ofsted, EYFS, CSSIW and SureStart. The course offers a video-based online course that is completed after attending a full day in the classroom with me or other qualified instructor to complete the practical portion of the course.

On successful completion of both the online and classroom modules, students will be issued a certificate valid for three years. Our Paediatric first aid courses fully meet the UK and European Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2015 as per the HSE requirements.

Aims of the Training: 

By the end of this course, learners will:

• Know how to conduct a primary survey on a child casualty.

• Know how to administer CPR to a child or infant casualty.

• Know how to put children and infants in the recovery position.

• Be able to deal with and respond to choking, wounds, bleeding and shock in children and infants.

• Be able to deal with and respond to burns, eye and head injuries and fractures.

• Know how to care for children suffering from asthma attacks, allergic reactions, croup, nosebleeds, diabetic emergencies,

epileptic seizures, high temperatures and hyperventilation.

• Understand the importance of recognising meningitis, sepsis and sickle cell.

• Be able to deal with and respond to sprains and strains, poisoning, smoke inhalation, hypothermia and drowning.

Paediatric First Aid

Course held over 1 day (includes refreshments)