Care of Multiples Courses at their best..

Our Care of Multiples Course is ideal for all Nannies, Maternity Nurses and Childcare’s looking to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to care for twins or triplets from newborn. The course is also a great idea for expectant parents who will soon be caring for multiples.

  • Antenatal preparation
  • Monozygotic twins and dizygotic twins
  • The impact of the birth order
  • Tandem feeding and establishing a successful feeding routine
  • Establishing routines for multiples
  • Supporting twin development
  • Care of low birth weight babies
  • Supporting individuality
  • Supporting parents of multiples
  • Supporting development
  • Sleep in multiples and safe sleep
  • Organisation

MANNTA Care of Multiples and Premature Babies

Course held over 1 days (includes refreshments)