Breastfeeding Courses


Understand the role of the Maternity Practitioner

Roles and responsibilities of a Maternity Practitioner
Maintaining confidentiality
Barriers to effective partnership with parents

Understand best practice in the daily care of newborns

Positioning and attachment
Changes in milk supply
Nutrition and breastfeeding
Breastfeeding related problems
Blocked ducts
Cracked nipples
Low or high milk supply
Expressing and storing milk


Choosing the right formula
Prescription formula
Bottles and sterilising equipment (demonstration)
Specialised bottles
Making and storing formula (demonstration)
Mixed feeding
Top ups
Supporting a change from breast to bottle
First 6 weeks
Weight patterns in newborns

Care of the

Umbilical cord
Circumcision (males)

Common problems/Illnesses jaundice

B Strep
Tongue tie
Cleft palate/lip
Reflux and silent reflux
Understand how to support a baby to overcome colic and reflux
Milk related allergies or intolerance

Be able to use best practice to support mothers in bathing and changing newborns

Bathing and changing a newborn (demonstration)
Bathing equipment
Bathing techniques
Top and tail
Dressing baby and appropriate clothing (swaddling) (demonstration)
Changing nappies

Understand how to support a mother with Postnatal depression

Postnatal depression
Possible causes of Postnatal depression
Supporting mum
When and where to seek help

Understand Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Government guidelines
Understand best sleeping and feeding practices

Best feeding practices

On-demand feeding
Feeding positions
Feeding positions for multiples
Positions for winding baby
Positions for winding reflux babies

Sleep patterns and routines

Gina Ford
Tracey Hogg
What is a routine?
Why a routine might be beneficial?
Planning a routine
Implementing a routine
Routine Changes

Best Sleeping practices

Sleep props
Sleep positioners
Reflux wedge
Sleeping bags
Sleep environment
Understand best sleeping and feeding practices

Getting started

Being self-employed
Preparing your CV
Collecting references from clients
Registering with agencies
DBS (previously CRB)
Paediatric First Aid certificate

We require candidates to have at least 2 year’s baby experience (including newborn experience) before attending this course.

MANNTA Breastfeeding Course (OCN Level 3)