Parent To Be Courses

Parent To Be Courses

Becoming a parent is a life changing experience, the first few days and weeks with your new baby can be a very emotional time for you and your partner. There’s a lot to learn and do as new parents, there will be many concerns, as well as questions.

At our ‘Parent To Be’ course we will cover in depth everything you should expect as a new mum in those first weeks and months that NCT groups and hospitals don’t necessarily tell you.

Our courses are delivered by one of the UK’s leading childcare specialists who has over 35 years of experience caring for families and their new babies as well as having five of her own children.

What the course entails


Be firm with midwives as to your birth plan as long as you and baby are in no danger.

Your body in the first few days after birth

What to expect when you get home

Checks and immunisations after birth

Preparing siblings for a new arrival

What to expect when your milk comes in on day three/four

Saying no to friends and family

breast or bottle and breast to bottle

How to establish a healthy and happy breastfeeding

Don’t panic if breast feeding isn’t for you

Rest and recovery (sleep when baby sleeps)

Recovering from a C section

Sleep safety

Bathing baby


Using a dummy

Post natal exercises

How to implement a successful sleeping strategy

Detecting the signs of reflux and colic

How to create a routine for your baby

Diet and nutrition tips for you and your baby

Understanding Why Your Baby Is Crying

Feel More Confident As A New Parent!

Next Course Start Date

16th May
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4th July
3rd October
Course Location

Courses are held at The Holiday Inn Hotel in central London, located a stone’s throw away from the High Street Kensington Station, whilst it is easily accessible from the M4.

The Holiday Inn Hotel
Wrights Lane, Kensington,
London, W8 5SP


t. 075 83 33 44 11
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